Rules of Engagement: Creating conversions from your web traffic

conversion on your website

The primary goal of your small business marketing is to drive traffic to your website. Once web visitors are on your website, your goal should be to make a connection with them. People search websites looking for answers to problems. When they arrive on your website your products or services may be a possible answer to their problems, but they may not be ready to buy yet. So making a connection with them gives you the opportunity to continue an online relationship and market to them in the future. Website conversion is an important goal.

Here are some ways you can make a connection with your website visitors:
Opt-in form – An opt-in form on your website is a chance to create a connection with your web visitors and learn more about their needs. For example you can have an opt-in form where web visitors can request for you to contact them for more information about your products/services. Services like Optin Monster  provide a variety of ways to create web conversions and offer forms ranging from inline forms to pop ups and more.
Social media follower – Encouraging your web visitors to follow you on social media is another way to connect with them. Studying your social media analytics will let you know what content is getting the most interest and consequently what is most important to your followers. Apps like Buffer and Hootsuite allow you to schedule your social media ahead of time and study the analytics of your social media engagement.
Get them to join your email list – If people are on your email list you can send them a variety of emails to educate them, demonstrate your expertise, and continue to market to them. Constant Contact has an email marketing platform that let’s you send and schedule emails, manage your contact list, and run reports on your campaign engagement.
Make an online appointment – Provide your web visitors a way to make an online appointment. You may want to offer a free consultation so they have a chance to talk to you about their needs. This is a great opportunity for you to talk directly to potential customers and get an understanding of exactly what they need. Apps like Calendly make online scheduling easy.

Getting web visitors to you website is the first step in marketing your small business. But once they are on your website you need a conversion for your business to be successful. Try some of the methods listed above to make a connection with your web visitors and stay in contact with them.

How about you? Are you converting your web visitors?

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