Email Marketing

98% of web visitors don’t make a purchase from a website the first time they visit. That’s why you need an email list.

What this statistic should tell every small business owner is that just getting someone to your website is not going to be enough. You have to make a connection with your web visitors, so you can stay in contact with them. That way you can continue to educate them about your industry and services, continue to market to them, build a relationship with them, and then when they are ready to buy, you can ask for the sale.

Constant Contact and The Graphics House: a great partnership

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The Graphics House is a Constant Contact partner and can provide email marketing services for your business. We can provide these services for you through an account we manage for you or the DIY marketers can sign up for a self managed account.

Self-Managed Account

  • Email starter kit (PDF file)
  • Multiple email templates to choose from
  • Add your own content
  • You schedule and send your emails
  • Free customer support from Constant Contact
  • List management tools are available

Managed Account

  • We set up your account
  • We select and customize an email template for your business
  • We add your content and set up a campaign
  • We schedule and send your emails
  • We can provide one-on-one product training
  • List management and segmentation

Ready to try Constant Contact?

Email accounts starting at $20/mo; Email Plus accounts starting at $45/mo

No risk, no hidden costs, no credit card required for a trial account, get expert support