Digital Marketing Solutions

Business marketing starts with your website, but a web presence alone doesn’t create business leads. Our digital marketing solutions include web design, content marketing, digital publications, and email marketing. We also offers behind the scenes services like web hosting, maintenance, and SEO.

Web Design

The Graphics House offers web services including website design and development. Web designs are available using content management systems like WordPress. We also offer template websites using Squarespace, Wix or Weebly or others.

Content Marketing

Sharing content with your target market is necessary to drive engagement. The Graphics House offers a variety of services to create visual content for your content marketing campaigns including infographics, slide decks, social media graphics, and lead magnets.

Lead Magnets / Digital Publications

Digital publications including brochures, flyers, ebooks, books, newsletters, PDF files, presentations, and white papers, works best to drive engagement through content marketing. At The Graphics House we are experts at creating publications, both digital and print.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Once you have contacts on your email list, continue to market to them and educate them about your products and services. Emails can be new product announcements, newsletters, events, sales and coupons, and much more. The Graphics House can produce email campaigns to keep you in contact and in communication with your potential clients.

Online Ad Campaigns

Building traffic organically is an essential part of your marketing efforts, but sometimes that alone is not enough. Paid advertising on social media sites and other websites can provide that extra push to increase traffic and brand awareness. Let us design an ad campaign that speaks to your target market and achieves maximum impact.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Building an incredible website is useless unless visitors can find it. SEO strategies involve research, keywords/phrases, link building, on and off page optimization, and more. After a strategy is in place, analytics are used to measure the effectiveness. Let us devise an SEO strategy that maximizes the traffic to your website.

Website Maintenance

Once your website has been created and is online, it has to be maintained. The files will need to be backed up in case of crashes, software updates will be required, and new content will need to be added. You will also need a web hosting company to put your website online. The Graphics House offers package deals to handle these business needs.

Web Hosting

WordPress and other site builders
Private name servers
Up to 10 email addresses

Basic web maintenance

Regular website backups
Updates to WordPress themes, plugins, etc.
Security protection

Web maintenance plus

Everything in basic maintenance, plus
Content changes or additions
Training and consulting