Six steps in the web page design process

Phase 1: Defining the Project

Scope of the project and deliverables are defined, the target audience is identified. The creative brief is developed. Project proposal is created and approved.

Phase 2: SEO / Content Development

SEO (search engine optimization) keywords are identified. An audit of existing content and marketing materials. New content is written as needed. Stock photos are selected or custom photos are taken. Client delivers any logos, photos, or any other content to be included in the site.

Phase 3: Develop Site Structure

Develop a site map, wire frame or prototype of the page structure and navigation of the website.

Phase 4: Visual Design

A custom web site layout is developed in Photoshop or a WordPress theme is selected for customization. A color scheme is selected based on current or planned branding.

Phase 5: Production and QA

Photoshop file is coded, database is developed, images are added to library, content is flowed into pages or themes. Code and pages are tested and verified. Browser compatibility, responsiveness and functionality are tested. 

Phase 6: Launch and Beyond

The final files are uploaded to the hosting server. The site is registered with the search engines and online directories. The site is now live. Marketing campaigns announce the site.