Building your website is the first step. Marketing your website is essential to your small business success. When starting your business you most likely have more time than money, so you may do the marketing yourself. As your business grows you may be able to outsource some or all of your marketing needs. The Graphics House has solutions for every type of marketer. Check the descriptions below to find the type of marketer that mostly describes you. Then click the icon for more details.

Do-it-yourself marketer

The-Do-It-Yourself marketer is a solopreneur or micro-enterprise, possibly a start up business. Their current marketing needs are getting customers and creating brand awareness. The problem is their budget is small to very small and they can’t afford to hire a marketing company for help.

The Do-It-With-Me marketer has been in business a while, has steady customers, a respectable cash flow, and is introducing new products/services. They can afford to pay for some marketing services, but are not ready to purchase custom solutions or outsource a large part of their marketing.

Done-for-you marketer

The Done-For-You marketer has built a strong business with many repeat clients and a steady cash flow. Their focus is on keeping their current clients, gaining new ones and growing their businesses. They need to outsource their marketing because they don’t have the time to do it themselves.