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Email marketing services can grow your client base

Danielle Dunning is the owner of a hair salon and spa and has several employees including hair stylists, nail technicians, and massage therapists. She has one successful location of her business, but plans are underway to open another location in a different part of the city. A friend suggested that she use email marketing services to spread the word about the new location and help grow her customer base.

Danielle currently has a website, but wants to update it for several reasons. On the revised website she wants to promote her new location and also add new functionality. She wants the new website to have an interactive calendar where clients can schedule their appointments online from a list of available appointment times, web visitors can sign up for the salon’s email list so they can be notified of salon specials and new services, and she wants to include an ecommerce section where clients can purchase hair care and beauty products online. Danielle got a referral from a friend about The Graphics House and plans on contacting them about her updating website. With the functionality she wants in the new website, she knows that she will need a custom built website and she has the budget for that. She also plans on signing up for a managed Constant Contact email account so The Graphics House can manage the email marketing services for the salon.

Danielle has a successful business and wants to grow the business with more locations in the future. She has a steady cash flow and needs to outsource some of her marketing because she is too busy running her business to do it herself. After learning more about the email marketing services that The Graphics House offers, she believes it is just the thing to send traffic to her new location. The Graphics House Done-for-You marketing services are just what she needs.