An email marketing campaign can help grow your business

Corey Copeland is an accountant and financial planner. He worked in corporate America for many years and a few months ago left his full time job to work exclusively in his business. He is a solopreneur currently, but he plans on adding employees as he grows his business. His primary goal is to grow his business, so he needs to increase his marketing efforts to reach this goal. He has been considering conducting an email marketing campaign to help grow his business, but he needs to learn more about it. Corey has some regular clients and steady revenue, so at this point he can afford to pay for some marketing services.

Corey found out about The Graphics House on social media and visited their website. He already has a website for his business that a web design firm created for him a couple of years ago. His other marketing needs include growing his customer base and making more sales. Corey decides to sign up with The Graphics House for a managed email account through Constant Contact. The Graphics House would create email newsletters, manage Corey’s contacts, and generally handle all parts of his email marketing campaigns. Corey thinks he may also hire The Graphics House from time to time to create social media content or lead magnets for use in his marketing. Corey finds links to other products and services he can use for his business on The Graphics House’s Resources page. There are links for printing, business services, and stock photos that he may use in social media.

All of the services and resources that Corey found on The Graphics House website will help him grow his business and stay within his marketing budget. This will give him a chance to further grow his business and he would be able to hire employees in the future. The Graphics House Do-it-with-me marketing services are just what he needs.